A Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio

with a Boutique, Grown-Up Aesthetic. 

Here's why we're special...

PHOTO BY:  Nicki Sebastian

PHOTO BY: Nicki Sebastian

Simple Pricing. Unlimited Supplies.

We keep it simple: $10 per painter + the cost of the piece. Unlike most studios we do not charge by the hour, nor do we add on an additional fee to fire your piece in the kiln. Pickup is within 5 days.

PHOTO BY::  Nicki Sebastian

PHOTO BY:: Nicki Sebastian

Functional Pieces ONLY.

Our stacking, table-wall display houses 350 different pottery shapes, all of which serve a function. You know that your piece will be used when you come in to paint. Eww - tchotchkes - no thanks.

PHOTO BY:  Nicki Sebastian

PHOTO BY: Nicki Sebastian

Walk-Ins and All Ages Welcome.

No age is too old or too young for our studio. You are welcome to walk in without a reservation (unless, of course, you're bringing in a party of more than 6 people.) We're also BYOB!